Dear Photographer:                                                                                                                                                                                  January 3, 2018


This year, along with all the other exciting activities, the Kansas Garden Show will again sponsor a Photography Contest coordinated by the Topeka Camera Club.  The Show will be held at the Kansas Expo Centre in Topeka on February 9, 10 & 11, 2018.  Photographs will be exhibited at the photographer’s own risk.


The following criteria will apply to your entries:

1.  Horticulture must be the focal point of all pictures with the exception of Kansas Wild Flowers and Fall Foliage categories.  The definition of horticulture is the cultivation of a garden or orchard or the art or science of growing flowers, fruit, and vegetables.

2.  Photos should be no smaller than 5 x7 and no larger than 8 x 12, mounted on board stock or matted.  Pictures may not be framed or under glass. (next year photos will be limited to 8x10 only)

3.   Your name should not be on the front of the photograph.  If there is a name visible on the front of the photograph, it will be disqualified.

4.  Categories include:  (see next page for definitions)

            A.  Kansas Wild Flowers                B. The Rose                                       C. Spring Blooms

            D.  Summer Blooms                        E. Flowering Trees                          F.  Fall Foliage                    G.  Gardenscapes                           H. Animals/Insects in The Garden

(Ribbons will be awarded to the first three places in each category.  Honorable Mention ribbons may be awarded at the Judge’s discretion.)


5.  Limit of 3 photographs per category per photographer with no more than 12 total entries.

6.  Entries may be turned in beginning Monday, January 29th through the Entry deadline of 4:30 p.m., Friday, February 2, 2018 (a week before the garden show).  Entries will be accepted at the Shawnee County Extension Office located on the Kansas Expo Centre grounds at the southwest corner of Maner Conference Center (enter at 18th and Western).  


Please submit the following information on the back of your photo entry only:

            A.  Indicate the top of your photograph so it will be oriented properly for display.

            B.  Category to be entered.

            C.  Name, address, zip code, phone number and e-mail address of photographer.

            D.  Any photo information, if known, such as type of camera and exposure settings.


Photographs may be picked up at the close of the Garden Show, after 4:30 p.m., Sunday, February 11, or at the Extension Office the following week.  Any photos not picked up after February 16 become the property of the Topeka Camera Club and may be discarded.


We encourage you as an exhibitor to enter as many photographic categories as possible.  Photographs that have previously won should not be re-entered.   Your cooperation in this respect is appreciated.  If you have friends or acquaintances that might be interested in exhibiting, please pass along this information.


For questions, please call the Extension Office at 232-0062 Ext. 100. Or Greg Hoglund @ 785-633-2384.


Exhibitors in the Photography Contest will be granted one free admission to the Kansas Garden Show in appreciation for their contribution.  If accompanied by another person the second person must pay. 


To better help with the categories we offer the following definitions


A.  Kansas Wild Flowers- wild sunflowers (not planted), milkweed, queen anns lace, thistle, dandelions, ground cherry, prairie phlox, bindweed, indian paintbrush, trumpet vine, goldenrod and many other wild flowers.    


B. The Rose-  Typically individual or groups of blooms or buds on a rose bush.  Can be an entire rose bush if there are lots of blooms.                                


C. Spring Blooms-  i.e.  Crocus, Tulips, Hyacinths, daffodils, Iris etc.   Not blossoms on a tree. They should be in the flowering tree category.


D.  Summer Blooms - Marigolds, Daises, Lilly’s, Cone flowers, Zinnias, geraniums, black-eyed susans, periwinkles, planted sunflowers, etc.                


E. Flowering Trees-   Looking for blooms on the trees i.e.  apple blossoms, crabapple trees in bloom,

Dogwood trees in bloom etc.


F.  Fall Foliage-  Looking for the changing leaf colors in trees, bushes, vines, etc.                        


G.  Gardenscapes   -  This picture should be of a flower garden whether in your back yard or in a park.  A gardenscape is typically a wider angle photo of several different plants or whole gardens                        


H. Animals/Insects in The Garden – these photos are typically flowers or gardens with an animal or insect as a predominate feature of the photo.   The photo should still show flowers or blooms to make it related to horticulture